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I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute for Quantum Computing – University of Waterloo.
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For a list of preprints see: arXiv.
For contact information you can either take a look at my CV, my ORCID iD, or my latest preprints.

📰 Bulletin

15 Jun 2021. — Yet another preprint!

I’m very happy to announce the release of yet another preprint, this time one that has been on the works since I was a Master’s student.
This is a topic very dear to me (it really makes me curious!), here it is: Universal terms of the entanglement entropy in a static closed universe.
I have started these studies more or less four years ago at the Federal University of Minas Gerais with my then supervisor, Prof. Nelson Yokomizo, and with the help of our colleague Lucas Menicucci we are now ready to put this work out there.

20 May 2021. — New preprint in town

After some time of hard work I’m happy to share my next preprint (in years!).
Hopeful to start making this happen more often now. Here it is: Multipartite quantum correlations in a two-mode Dicke model.
This study has been done in partnership with my supervisor in Brazil, Gabriel Landi, and our colleague Mark Mitchison at Trinity College Dublin.

02 Apr 2021. — Pandemic update

I would just like to give an update to the readers that this website is still very much alive!
I haven’t posted much, but as you can imagine this is due to the current pandemic situation and the lack of activities undergoing, in general.
As the reader can imagine, I am continuing the pursuit of my PhD, and I currently work at the University of Stuttgart, and also at the University of São Paulo, remotely.
Hopefully we will have a more lively environment soon, and then I’ll post more interesting stuff.

📑 Publications

🚧 Under construction!

Soon I hope to share some thoughts I have whilst studying diverse topics I find interesting.