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I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute for Quantum Computing – University of Waterloo.
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πŸ“° Bulletin

13 Jan 2023. β€” Visit to the Institute for Quantum Computing, Waterloo

I am on a one-month research visit in Canada, at the IQC in Waterloo, from the 15th of January. I will take up research in the group of Prof. Raymond Laflamme.
This visit is my first time in North America, and I look forward to the time spent there and the people I will meet. I am expecting some enjoyable and productive times!

12 Jul 2022. β€” One person's ancilla is another person's target

My latest preprint is finally out for everyone to read! In this work we improve on models of Heat-Bath Algorithmic Cooling (HBAC) protocols taking place in a NV centre in diamond. Find it at Physical Review Letters. (read more...)

30 Sep 2021. β€” A minimal thermodynamics manuscript

In a new branch of my PhD project, we study the thermodynamics of a reset implementation of algorithmic cooling. This is a device purifying the states of qubits, which initializes them for use in quantum computations. In the point of view employed, the purified state of the qubit is equivalent to a cooled state, in an interesting interplay between quantum thermodynamics and quantum information theory. Check it out in arXiv!
For this study we collaborated with the groups at the University of Stuttgart. In a partnership with the experimental group at the institute, led by Prof. Wrachtrup and Dr. Durga Dasari, we applied our analysis to their NV-center set-up, allowing for a practical comparison of the algorithm with the theoretical bounds for the usual thermodynamic refrigerator, and further making available a set of results that may be used to investigate other experimental platforms.


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Soon I hope to share some thoughts I have whilst studying diverse topics I find interesting.